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GE Critical Power Industrial Embedded Power Supplies
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To print blue button you need to add hyperlink first, then go to Advanced tab, and type CSS class "blue-button" into Stylesheet Classes field (without quotes) like in the example below:

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There are several other button types as listed below:

Small blue button - CSS class "blue-button-sm"


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UE ISSUE with embeded form: Submition takes user away from this page to a thank you landing page

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Example of resonsive table:

See why GuardEon from GE offers exceptional performance and advanced safety features that support the performance of the next industrial era.

Table Example: HTML looks like this:



 Table 2 Example

GE Industrial - Commercial Products



Descriptive copy could go here




Residential Products - GE Industrial Solutions



Descriptive copy




Residential product sale



Descriptive copy






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