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empower release notes
empower release notes


  • Indicator added to the Notes link to indicate when there are Notes on a quote as well as the quantity of notes.
  • Increased idle timeout to 4 hours.  
  • Account field and User No. field now active – just click anywhere in the search bar on the field (vs. the magnifying glass) to open the list.   
  • Catalog No. now displayed on the BOM and Pricing screens when input for a Miscellaneous item.  
  • New Spec Sheets now pulled from new Product Selector (replaced e-catalog).
  • Within each configurator, you can use the hamburger menu to the left of the product configurator name to add multiple items to a configurator without exiting back to the main screen.  This table has been widened so that the catalog no. as well as the description and marks are visible.  
  • In the Documents tool for Submittals and Proposals, drawings and publications can be annotated (i.e. users can highlight, circle, draw shapes, insert comments, etc. directly on the drawing or publication).
  • In the Documents tool, there is a new document type /template, called “Drawings Only”, which includes just the drawings of all of the items in the quote in one document.
  • In the Documents tool, for Quixtra users, there are Proposals in multiple languages.


Account Management

  • New feature - Favorite/Frequently used accounts 
  • Enhanced  usability - switched Search and Reset buttons on Account Management page

Order Tracking

  • Fixed a bug where the order details PDF shows the wrong shipment tracking number
  • Fixed a bug where the order status of equipment orders was being displayed incorrectly

Price & Availability

  • New feature - added PDF export for Price & Availability
  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of quantity contracts for EMEA orders
  • Fixed a bug when uploading products with SPAs for Price & Availability
  • Fixed a bug where replacement items were not being displayed correctly

Order Submission

  • Fixed a bug where the order value is not displayed in the shopping cart icon
  • Fixed a bug where the shopping cart symbol is not updated when Non-CCC products are removed
  • Fixed a bug where Will Call orders were not being held for pick-up


  • New feature - Manufacturer rep admin role
  • Enhanced usability - default to MM/DD/YYYY date preference for North America users when registering
  • Fixed a bug when registering with a pre-authorization code using IE browser
  • Fixed a bug where registration emails are not being sent to the user and admin

Manage Users

  • New feature - Download list of pending user requests
  • Enhanced feature - Invite User type ahead account search
  • Fixed a bug where checkboxes are not displayed correctly when paginating through Manage Users list


  • Fixed a bug in the bell icon when more than 99 notifications are pending
  • In the Documents tool, for Quixtra users, there are Proposals in multiple languages.
  • In the Documents tool, for Quixtra users, there are Proposals in multiple languages.



  • Definite Purpose Rated Contactor configurator now available in your Add New Item menu.  Configure DP Rated Contactors, get drawings and pubs, price and order today.  Check out the enhanced Bill of Material and drawings for DP Rated Contactors!  
  • Quick Ship applicable to AS panels!  If your AS panel is Quick Ship eligible, the delivery truck icon in the panel configurator will indicate 5 day lead-time, cycle will automatically be set to Q for Quick Ship and your panel will ship in 5 days at $0 premium.  No action required by you!   
  • New keyboard shortcut now available in the feeder breaker summary grid in the panel configurator.  Add feeder breakers quickly via your keyboard (vs your mouse!) using the new hotkey (i.e. Insert key).  On the Feeders grid, just input your quantity, then tab to the Quick Entry field (type in Trip Amps No. of Poles), then hit Insert on your keyboard to add a new breaker row.  
  • Updated user interface for the header bars in the configurators.  No more guessing which tab you are on while quoting panels, switchboards, etc.  The name of the tab (i.e. Feeders) that you are on will be highlighted.  
  • Items “Marks” are now displayed to the right of the Item number in the header bar within each configurator.   No more wondering which item you are working on!  
  • New Total Net $ column added to the itemized pricing summary report!
  • The Add New Item menu has been maximized to the full length of your screen to minimize scrolling.  Just search for the product configurator you need (sorted alphabetically) and select it.  
  • Quote No. and Quote Name are now hyperlinks in the header bar on each page.  No need to click on the left arrow to get back to the All Items main screen, you can now click on the Quote No. or Quote Name!  
  • The Download Document banner, “your PDF is being processed”, will now remain on the screen until the PDF download is complete. You will be notified when your download is ready.  Updates were made to significantly improve download times.
  • Arrows added to each column title on the All Quotes page for you to easily sort the columns – just like you can do in empower!  
  • Informational text added to the Catalog Search screen to remind you that the detailed BOM, Drawings, Spec Sheets, and Publications are not available for items added via Catalog Search. To get these documents, please add items via the configurator.
  • For Rebates, the Rebate Name field is now limited to a max of 25 characters to prevent SPA failures.  Remember that this field is automatically populated with the Quote Name, but you can edit this field (i.e. PO # 12345) up to 25 characters, which will print on the SPA Excel file emailed to you.
  • Updated look & feel of the Notifications view to match Notifications look & feel in empower.  
  • There are now placeholders for Quote Notes and Line Item Notes so that if you access the Notes link (without adding a note first) you will be able to Add notes to the Quote or to each line item quickly all in one spot.      
  • Fixed a bug where Panel Box Ahead was not scheduling the Boxes in SAP with 5 days (vs. 10 days). 
  • (Switchboard) Service exception error fix for Individually mounted feeders above 1200A
  • (Switchboard) Allow Zenith Transfer Switches for EntelliGuard
  • (Switchboard) Allow meter sockets for Rocky Mountain power in Commercial Metering
  • (Switchboard) 5000A Bussed pull section depth fix​
  • Accounts are now synced between empower and empower-Quote!  If you are approved for an account in empower, then you will be approved for that account in empower-Quote.  Remember that you have access to all quotes created for your approved accounts and you can create project quotes for your approved accounts.  Note that if you are approved for multiple account locations, you will need to click on the magnifying glass to search for the correct account in order to create a new quote.


  • New Copy/Paste functionality for Price & Availability
  • Secondary warehouse availability details are displayed for EMEA material
  • Account Manager registration by sales office / sales engineer code
  • Email/download of order details
  • Email/download of PO details
  • Email/download of Product Availability
  • Actual Ship date now listed in order details front page
  • Price privilege – ability to hide price information
  • Ability to include spa # on Price & Availability upload
  • Downloadable Bill of Lading document
  • PO Details additional information displayed
  • Enhanced shopping cart icon
  • Bell icon alerts are displayed
  • Removed line limit on order entry
  • Edit for non-CCC materials for China orders
  • Fixed a defect when requesting an account where Asia region is auto-selected and not changeable
  • Ability to save shopping cart
  • Fixed a defect where Price & Availability reminder alert is not displayed


  • ADS Fusible PowerPanels now available!
  • Delta Hi-leg panel voltage now available!
  • Specified Layout for Spectra panels now available!​


  • Motor Control Fastrac Unit configurator now available in your Add New Item menu!  Configure MCC Fastrac units, get drawings and pubs, price and order today!
  • Mounting hardware now available for feeder breakers in Spectra Bolt-On PowerPanels. 
  • On the All Quotes screen, “Created By” column will now display last name, first name to be consistent from quote to quote.  
  • On the All Quotes screen, the Quote Name is now a hyperlink so you can access a quote via Quote Number or Quote Name. 
  • On the Notes screen, “Created By” has been added to each note so that you will know who added each note making collaboration with your colleagues that much easier. 
  • On the Itemized Pricing Report (saved to Excel), a column has been added to break out the catalog number into a separate column making importing into your ERP system even easier.  
  • A unique PO # will now be automatically generated for each rebate SPA request submitted so that you can import the .csv file into EliteNet with no issue. 
  • Total Net Price will now include MISC items during price appeal process.  So, when you price appeal a quote which includes Miscellaneous (non-GE) items, input the Total Net Price you need including these Misc items.  Pricing will then review and authorize correctly with Misc items accounted for in Total Net Price returned. 
  • If multiplier returned from pricing tool is blank, empower will now show 1.00 Auth Mult rather than 0.00 Auth Mult.
  • Fixed a bug where user couldn’t edit email address once copied/pasted into Rebate Specialist email field in the Rebates screen.
  • Fixed a bug where warning indicator on the Pricing link was not being triggered for line items added via Catalog Search. 
  • Fixed a bug where Marks were getting overlapped with first line of item in the BOM-PDF report.
  • Fixed a bug where Unit Price for Miscellaneous items was getting converted incorrectly if user included a comma.



  • Catalog number order entry ... add to cart from price & availability, saved lists, build order 
  • 3 step check-out process
  • Price & Availability - enter multiple lines for same material
  • Fixed a bug where direct ship items were not showing availability
  • Added warning message when pricing is different than the selected contract #
  • Removed pagination from the product list
  • Order tracking fixed a bug in the PO order search where the "select all" box was not working
  • Order tracking fixed a bug where the date range filter was not working for European date formats
  • Order tracking fixed a bug where the PO Search results "next" button was not clickable
  • Saved lists fixed a bug where you could not create a new list from the saved lists page
  • Saved lists fixed a bug where you could not create a new list from the Price & Availability page
  • Added Help link to view site documentation


  • Small Projects-Same Day program now available for you to fulfill negotiated projects from your stock!  Click the new Rebates tab to create a new Special Pricing Agreement (SPA) in the GE system for you to create the SPA in your system.   
  • Pro-Stock Panels now available!  Just select the new “Pro-Stock Compatible” checkbox on the panel Lineup screen.  To view the Pro-Stock catalog numbers for your configuration, view the BOM in the panel configurator or select the new Catalog No. checkbox on the main BOM.               
  • You can now add/copy multiple panels and switchboards without exiting the configurator back to the main screen. Check out the new table now available via the hamburger menu in the upper left next to the product configurator name.  Also, note that this option has been updated for the component configurators.  Click the hamburger menu in the upper left next to the product configurator name to see the updated user interface.  Press + to add a new line item or use the copy icon on an existing line item. 
  • Validation added for required fields during Order Entry and will prompt you before moving to the next screen if invalid.
  • Pricing options moved to new Pricing button at top right next to Download button.  Reminder:  In order to enable the Appeal Pricing option, you need to type in a lower Total Net Price or a Disc Mult < Auth Mult.
  • Help guides now available via drop-down menu in upper right next to your name
  • Catalog Number now displayed (on All Items screen, on BOM, on Pricing) for catalog search/multi-line catalog items
  • If you have access to more than 1 account, the Account field will default to blank and you will search via magnifying glass for the correct account when creating a new quote
  • Total Price checkbox added to BOM options. You can now include or not include the Total Price (Net or Sell) and/or Itemized Pricing (Net or Sell) on the BOM download.  
  • You can now adjust the Total Sell Price rounded to even dollars to print on your BOM download and Proposal Documents 
  • Panel UX enhancement: 10 rows of breakers displayed in breaker summary before need to scroll
  • Advanced Protection (RELT) is now available for main breakers in Spectra Bolt-On (SBO) panels
  • New “Save” button added to product configurators to save and remain on the page.  Continue to use the “Done” button to Save and close.  
  • Show by Item (vs. by Product) is now the default for the pricing screen since this view includes Marks and Lead Time
  • Fixed a bug where line items were sorting incorrectly once resequenced 
  • Fixed a bug where quote status was changing to Submitted (and date could not be cleared) if user input a Submit Date regardless of what the date was 


  • Advanced Protection now available for Spectra main breakers
  • EPM Meters now available for Spectra
  • SPD (Externally Connected) now available for A-Series Panels 
  • New offering of Branch Circuit Monitoring of up to 84 poles with Main Lugs and 66 poles for Main Breaker panels (split core configuration ONLY)
  • Now retaining specified layout of branch breakers with change of panel feed direction
  • Added 22 KAIC rating 3P4W service for 480/277 Voltage for AE/AS Panel type
  • Enhancements to UI:  Moved Incoming Service to new tab, combined Bus & Enclosure into single section, enlarged the BOM screen
  • Fixed a bug where compression and pressure lugs were not available for quantity larger than 1
  • Fixed a bug where users were not able to move breakers in layout specific to A-Series panel with top feed, horizontal main with combination of breaker and breaker space devices


  • Ability to select shorter cycle (where eligible) for Switchboards.  Just select “Show by Item” on the pricing screen to see available cycles 
  • Lead-time indicator added to switchboard configurator which will display shortest available cycle and lead-time (in days) based on your switchboard configuration


  • Feedback button now available on all empower screens  
  • Ability to download pricing report to PDF, Word, Excel or Text
  • BOM view now defaults to Sell Price (vs. Net Price)  
  • Order screens reordered to enable further order enhancements.  In addition, the Ship Method (i.e. Ground, 2nd Day Air, NDA) you select on the Shipping & Billing screen (now in step 1) will impact your Estimated Delivery Date and thus Requested Delivery Date
  • City added to Account on All Quotes screen to decipher between multiple accounts/branch locations  
  • Fixed a bug where Archive function wasn’t removing the quote from the list of All Quotes


  • Fixed a bug where the bill-to address was displaying for customer accounts instead of the sold-to  


  • Added system downtime alerting 
  • Added price & availability optimization for excel upload files


  • Ability to select date preference (mm/dd/yyyy  vs.  dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Feedback button available in English 
  • Price & Availability – ability to view inventory in multiple warehouses
  • Order Search Results – ability to export/email  search results in pdf, excel, or CSV
  • User Management – introduced new roles/privileges for admins
  • Added saved lists functionality allowing the saving of frequently-used materials for checking price, availability, and adding to shopping cart.s  



  • Ability to select shorter cycle (where eligible) for Switchboards.  Just select “Show by Item” on the pricing screen to see available cycles
  • Lead-time indicator added to switchboard configurator which will display shortest available cycle and lead-time (in days) based on your switchboard configuration


  • Ability to select shorter cycle (where eligible) for Switchboards.  Just select “Show by Item” on the pricing screen to see available cycles 
  • Lead-time indicator added to switchboard configurator which will display shortest available cycle and lead-time (in days) based on your switchboard configuration