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August 24, 2016
- This article, published in Plant Services, discusses the behind-the-scenes planning and teamwork it takes to bring events the scale and scope of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to your living room or streaming device.
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August 8, 2016
- In this article published in Buildings discusses How GE Energy Connections is helping to supply enough power to broadcast the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to billions of people around the world.
July 30, 2016
- GE’s Jim Montgomery discusses the somewhat contradictory design challenge of balancing efficiency and reliability in the data center industry in the July edition of NEMA’s electro industry publication.
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July 27, 2016
- Industrial Equipment News reports on how GE Energy Connections will work to keep the lights on in Rio for the Olympic Games. And how, using its own set of metrics — sometimes measured in milliseconds — will monitor critical power quality and protection systems it is deploying across all 32
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July 22, 2016
- In this post published on Energy Central, covers why fractions of time are crucial to GE’s work at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. GE is deploying a host of systems across the Rio 2016 Olympic Games — from critical power distribution and protection to the LED lighting for sports venues and the
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July 15, 2016
- In this cover story published in EE Web’s Power Developer, GE’s Karim Wassef, Jim Montgomery and Raj Radjassamy discuss the concept of Designing in the Negative Space and how they are helping power designers overcome challenging obstacles.


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