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September 2008
GE OEM Electrical Connection Newsletter
Welcome to the third issue of OEM Electrical Connection – a dedicated communication from GE for our OEM customers. The objective of OEM Electrical Connection is to keep you informed of our new product and service initiatives that specifically focus on your needs.

In this issue we highlight our new EntelliGuard® G Power Circuit Breaker. This new circuit breaker provides product features that will address the needs of selectivity and arc flash protection, without having to compromise one for the other. In addition, we'll highlight some new publications for our AF-6 Series Drives.
EntelliGuard® G Circuit Breaker
EntelliGuard® G Circuit Breaker
The EntelliGuard® G circuit breakers are the newest line of GE low-voltage circuit breakers, the next step in the evolution of a line known for its exceptional reliability and performance. They are available in 3- and 4-pole designs rated from 400A to 6000A, with fault interruption ratings up to 150kAIC.
Integral to the EntelliGuard G breakers are the new, state-of-the-art EntelliGuard TU Trip Units, which provide superior system protection, system reliability, monitoring and communications. The breaker-trip unit system delivers superior circuit protection without compromising either selectivity or arc flash protection. With its optional Reduced Energy Let-through setting (RELT), the system protects at HRC1 or 2 for available fault currents as high as 100kA.

The EntelliGuard breaker-trip unit system demonstrates yet again GE's core competencies in reliable electric power distribution, circuit protection and personnel protection.

Want to see the new EntelliGuard G circuit breaker for yourself?
Check out the Low Voltage Revolution Tour that's currently touring over 30 major cities across North America.
AF-6 Series Drives: Built-in features, Built-in simplicity
AF-6 Series Drives: Built-in features, Built-in simplicity
In October 2007 we launched our new AF-6 Series Drives. Comprising the AF-60 LP™ Micro Drive, the AF-600 FP™ Fan & Pump Drive, and the AF-650 GP™ General Purpose Drive, they all boast built-in features and built-in simplicity to save control panel builders material and installation cost, while at the same time providing a feature rich product in the marketplace. Customer feedback has been positive regarding the ease of
installation and set-up using the new keypad, together with the overall quality and drive performance. We recently added new user guides and programming manuals for download from our drives web portal.
For downloads and more, visit our web site.
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