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Circuit Breakers - Molded Case Circuit Breakers
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Smart. Reliable. Secure.

GuardEon is a low-voltage molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) platform, designed by users for global industry applications. The customer-driven design works in tough, real-world applications with onboard  diagnostics for excellent uptime and with integrated ArcWatch safety technology. GuardEon is built for the age of the industrial internet.

With its simplified and innovative design, together with remote monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities, GE’s GuardEon MCCB empowers customers to design, build and operate electrical distribution systems with reduced risk and greater confidence.


GuardEon delivers a smart and simplified single breaker platform designed by global customers for industrial applications. GuardEon’s contemporary design makes it easier to use, delivering high durability and quality with accessories now designed for use across various frame sizes.
  •  Truly global circuit breaker line: UL, cUL, IEC, CCC & more. Plus Marine certificates.
  •  Highly versatile trip curves
  •  Extensive metering capabilities
  •  Industrial communications protocols
  •  Contemporary design
  •  Common internal accessories
  •  Designed by customers: rotating faceplate, updated motor operator, redesigned rotary handles


GuardEon provides customers with a reliable low-voltage circuit breaker enabling increased uptime of electrical distribution systems. Featuring predictive capability options such as  contact wear calculations, mechanism timing and event logs, GuardEon allows customers to identify certain electrical problems before they occur – and before they result in costly outages.
  •  Predictive maintenance capabilities: advanced contact wear calculations, mechanism timing, event logs
  •  Reduced internal parts count
  •  Highly automated assembly

GuardEon is designed with fewer internal parts (vs. legacy products) and developed for automated assembly in our new high-tech factory in Puerto Rico. In other words, there are fewer potential failure points and human error may be virtually eliminated as a failure cause.


GuardEon is secure by design and integrates GE’s advanced safety technologies like ArcWatch* to help  proactively detect, isolate and control arc flash hazards. GuardEon features GE’s advanced PremEon* Trip Unit including Reduced Energy Let Thru (RELT) options and interfaces with the EntelliGuard* Manager Toolkit. Compatible with PremEon G trip unit, the software toolkit allows users to view, set and test circuit breaker data and settings from a safer distance – outside the potential arc flash zone.
  •  ArcWatch technology with Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI) and Wave Form Recognition (WFR)
  •  Advanced PremEon trip units with Reduced Energy Let-Through (RELT)
  •  Remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities

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