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Conversion Kits and Trip Units

Conversion Kits and Trip Units

Trip Units

Trip Unit - EntelliGuard TU
Replacement for installed RMS9, EPIC, MicroVersaTrip* and Power+* trip units on Power Break I*, Power Break II, AK/AKR and WavePro*.
EntelliGuard Manager
A PC based software package that allows the user to monitor, set, and customize the data stored in the memory of the EntelliGuard and microEntelliGuard trip units.
EntelliGuard Manager Gateway
Provides a wireless solution for monitoring circuit breakers. It allows a user to view information from multiple EntelliGuard trip units via smartphone or tablet.

Conversion Kits

EntelliGuard TU Conversion Kit
Upgrade and conversion kits are ANSI C37.59 design verification tested to ensure safe, reliable operation. These kits extend the life of your mechanically sound breaker.

Previous Generation Conversion Kits & TU

MicroVersaTrip* and ProTrip* Conversion Kits
The MicroVersaTrip and ProTrip were the workhorse of GE Breakers and Conversion kits for the past 20+ years. They've been replaced. Limited supplies are available.
Remanufactured MVT Trip Units
GE is extending the lifecycle of this important component by offering a remanufactured MVT solution.