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Controls2GO - quick product modification program

NEMA Starters

300/400 Line Full Voltage Starters
A complete offering of full voltage non-reversing, reversing, and multi-speed contactors and motor starters. A proven product line for the toughest industrial applications...
Starter - CR340/341 Full Voltage Pumping Panels
Specifically designed for outdoor installation. Available with NEMA or IEC style starters, they provide full-voltage control of squirrel-cage pump motors.
Electro-mechanical Reduced Voltage Starters
GE offers a wide variety of electro-mechanical reduced voltage starting methods.
Manual Full Voltage Starter
Provides dependable starting and overload protection for single-phase motors up to one horsepower (115 or 230 Volts).These starters are NEMA rated and are the most economical...

IEC Starters

Starter - Surion Manual Motor Starter
Surion Manual Motor Controllers and accessories provide a global solution and supply optimum flexibility for panel design.
Starter - C2000
Offering a wide array of contactors, overload relays, enclosures, control transformers and pilot devices to match your application.

Solid State Reduced Voltage

ASTAT BP Soft Starter
Delivers smooth, reliable performance for extended motor and component life for a range of standard AC motors from 8 Amps to 1100 Amps and from 208V to 600V.
ASTAT XT Soft Starter
ASTAT XT Soft Starter delivers reliable performance and smooth acceleration for a range of standard AC motors, from 8A-1400A and from 230V-690V.
ASTAT XT Enclosed Soft Starter Panels
A full range of enclosed solid state starters are available.
ASTAT CD+ and IBP+ Solid State Reduced Voltage
GE offers ASTAT CD+ and IBP+ solid state reduced voltage starters.

Definite Purpose Controls

Definite purpose controls (25A-40A) includes two-speed controllers for a variety of industrial electric equipment. Meet ARI780, UL, CSA and CE standards.
Definite purpose starters (25A-60A) are utilized in a variety of industrial electric equipment. All definite purpose components by GE meet ARI780, UL, CSA and CE standards.