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GE’s Commitment to Cybersecurity
Security is, and always will be, a top priority for GE. We work with customers, industry working groups and standards bodies, government agencies, and the security research community to continually improve the security of our products. As a provider of critical electrical infrastructure technology, we are committed to providing reliable products to our customers and helping them deploy them securely within the industries they serve.


Report a Product Vulnerability or Security Concern
If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability or security concern in a GE product, please follow this link to report it.



Product Security Advisories and Patches
Security advisories for GE products, including information necessary to obtain patches or upgrades.


Date Vulnerability Identification Description Product Advisory
1/2016 CVE-2016-0861, CVE-2016-0862 Command injection and cleartext storage of sensitive information by SNMP/Web Interface Adapter for UPS. Download Document


Product advisories provided by GE are subject to terms and conditions contained in customers’ underlying license agreements or other applicable agreements. Due to ongoing product enhancements, GE reserves the right to change or update advisories without advance notification.

Submitting information on potential vulnerabilities does not create any rights on behalf of the submitting party or obligations on behalf of GE. GE can use the information at its discretion.


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