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April 2008 The Newsletter for Electrical Contractors
Welcome to the first edition of the newsletter created just for electrical contractors. Designed as a fast read to keep pace with your busy schedule, The Wire highlights key news you need to know. From new time-saving, economical products to new web tools, code issues and business growth tips, The Wire has your needs in mind.

Spectra™ Series Integrated Switchboard
Save Up to 75% in Labor Installation Costs
Spectra™ Series Integrated Switchboard Have you ever been on a commercial job — a retail location, a new hotel or an office building — and had a hard time gathering all the parts you need in time to get the job done right? Well, if that sounds familiar, you need to consider the GE Spectra Series Integrated Switchboard. With a power panel, transformer, lighting panels and contactors all pre-wired and customized in a single package for you, you save time on the installation and reduce the likelihood of callbacks later because of wiring issues and device complexity. You’ll save time and money for you and your customer.
Spectra™ Series Busway
Lower Your Installed Cost by Up to 75% Vs. Wire and Conduit
Spectra™ Series Busway Spectra Series Busway is at least 50% lighter than comparable wire and conduit and is lighter than the competitors' busway, too. This simplifies design, reduces installation time and may lower your total installed cost by up to 75% vs. wire and conduit. The compact Spectra Series also allows runs in more places, such as around and between existing structures. You get a product that is lighter, smaller, lower in cost and easier to modify. Sound good?
DIGITAL NEWS Here are two great examples of the types of tools you’ll find on the site:
Tradeshow Calendar Tradeshows are a tricky thing. We know you’re busy, and you don’t have a lot of time to travel or to wander around shows that don’t have the information you need to run your business smarter, safer and more efficiently. That’s why we’ve put together a list of shows where we think you’ll find exactly what you need. From hands-on product demos to experts in the booth who can give you the precise information you need, we’ve got the tradeshow schedule for you.
NEC 2008 NEC 2008 is here and in full force in much of the country. With 3,688 proposals that turned into 864 pages of new code, we’re thinking you may have missed a point or two. We’d like to point you to a few places where you can quickly find the information you need.
Business Tips A lot of companies can deliver some of the products and services you need on the job every day, but what about the partnership and experience you need to help you run your business better? We hope you’ll view GE as a great business partner you can count on. Over the years, we’ve learned a little bit about managing people, building effective marketing programs and selling profitable jobs. We’d like to share this experience with you. To learn more, call your local GE office, or keep checking back with The Wire for tips on profitable growth.

In this edition, we’re focusing on training you and your people. There is so much new information coming at you every day that it’s hard to keep up. From new codes and products to new safety procedures, it’s never ending. To help you stay on top of things, we’ve created a single source for all your training needs. It’s called GE Learning Central, and you can find it 24/7. You’ll find everything from formal CEU-certified courses and dozens of free self-guided online courses to a full slate of in-depth courses you can take at our Lighting & Electrical Institute in Cleveland. You name it, it’s there.
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