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APFC Relays
APFC Relays
  • Available in steps of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14.
  • UL, CE approvals
  • Measurement and display of V,I, KVA, KW, KVAR, PF, COSØ. Individual harmonics of voltage from 3rd to 15th level
  • Current Sensitivity 10mA
  • Completely automatic detection of step sizes and VAR based compensation
  • Monitors and displays information like number of hours on, operating cycles per step, average PF, rating per step in KVAR etc...
  • Compensates the reactive power needs at the fundamental frequency
  • Displays PF-reading upto third decimal place
  • Special resolution management for fine tuning of compensation
  • Special function to avoid leading power factor conditions THD monitoring and can be programmed for trip
GE Pøvar Capacitors
GE Pøvar Capacitors GE offers complete solution in Power Quality Management
  • Power Capacitor for power factor improvement
  • Reference standard IS 13585 (P1):1994
  • Standard voltages available 415V & 440V
  • Other voltages 240V - 600V available on request
  • Capacitor banks available for higher rating
  • Range of detuned filters & reactors available

voltage rating
* Other voltage rating available on request

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