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GE Invests in ANSI/IEEE Medium-Voltage Product Portfolio; Launches New Switchgear Offering for Commercial Construction Applications
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GE Invests in ANSI/IEEE Medium-Voltage Product Portfolio; Launches New Switchgear Offering for Commercial Construction Applications

June 3, 2015
  • GE’s Industrial Solutions Business Commits to Medium-Voltage Customers with Extensive Investment in Simpler, Smarter and Faster Solutions
  • New ANSI/IEEE SecoGear Air-Insulated, Medium-Voltage Switchgear is Expected to be Available to Quote Later this Year for Mission-Critical and Commercial Applications
  • Utilizing FastWorks Development Methodologies Cuts Product Development Time in Half

CARY, N.C. — June 3, 2015 — GE’s Industrial Solutions business (NYSE: GE), which has been investing heavily in its medium-voltage (MV) offerings over the course of the past year, today announced its new GE-manufactured, ANSI/IEEE, two-high SecoGear air-insulated MV switchgear is expected to be available later this year. This latest addition to GE’s MV portfolio is focused on commercial construction applications. The new ANSI/IEEE-rated MV switchgear builds on GE’s rich, global domain expertise, bringing simpler, smarter and faster solutions to help control and distribute electricity with ratings and features that enhance its capabilities in commercial construction applications such as entertainment arenas, hospitals, data centers, high-rise office buildings and retail malls. 

In addition to the ANSI/IEEE two-high SecoGear switchgear, GE will launch several other MV products throughout the next several months and well into 2016.

GE has more than 120 years of experience in developing MV equipment, dating back to 1895 when GE developed the world’s first oil circuit breaker. With deep roots in innovative engineering, advanced manufacturing capabilities and a strong global presence, GE is one of the global leaders in MV equipment. 
“We are firmly committed to investing and expanding our global MV capabilities by developing a modular and cost-competitive MV portfolio well-suited for manufacturing and reduced lead times,” said Stuart Thompson, general manager—Power Equipment, GE’s Industrial Solution business. “Our expanded MV product line is designed with the operator in mind; focused on simplifying installation and upkeep by developing products with fewer parts.”
The launch of GE’s ANSI/IEEE MV platform expands its already extensive product offering, providing commercial-construction and mission-critical applications with the electrical distribution solutions they require. When developing the new portfolio, GE utilized FastWorks product development methodologies and its proven global (IEC- and GB-rated) MV platform to cut product development time in half—bringing additional expertise from other parts of the world to North America, South America, Canada and Mexico. 
GE’s new ANSI/IEEE SecoGear metal-clad switchgear provides applications such as hospitals and data centers with an efficient and reliable solution to meet the needs of their ever-evolving electrical systems. Its featured SecoVac vacuum circuit breaker’s front-mounted operating mechanism design simplifies operation and field maintenance. It is designed with innovative approaches such as predictive modeling, arc-pressure and heat/stress analyses, helping GE to speed up the product development process for each unit. The SecoVac breaker also is approximately 100 pounds lighter in weight compared to other industry circuit breakers. The product’s lighter weight reflects the unit’s enhanced design, which was co-developed at GE’s Mebane, North Carolina, facility. 
“For the past century, GE has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing MV equipment,” said Lisa Bagwell, global medium-voltage product line leader, GE’s Industrial Solutions business. “We have a large, global installed base of hundreds of thousands of units. In the past year, we have dedicated approximately 50 percent of our global product line investments to the development of modular and cost-effective MV solutions, cementing our commitment to providing customers with the protection they need for their applications.” 
GE’s ANSI/IEEE SecoGear switchgear has been developed with 60 percent fewer parts compared to previous designs, reducing scheduled equipment downtime and maintenance costs. This reduction in moving parts also translates to fewer possible failure points in the unit, helping to improve reliability. Its included SecoVac breakers’ simpler design features just seven common replacement parts, which makes any required maintenance simple and fast. In addition, the circuit breaker’s embedded-pole design helps protect the unit’s vacuum interrupters from environmental and dielectric elements such as dust, moisture and external electrical damage—helping to extend the life of the breaker and switchgear. These advanced features enable GE to deliver simpler, smarter and faster installations and reduced maintenance times to its customers.
In addition to the new switchgear, GE’s MV platform also includes its recently launched ANSI/IEEE SecoBloc original equipment manufacturer (OEM) modules. SecoBloc features a fully certified box construction, which allows for simpler integration into new or existing OEM switchgear designs. 
To learn more about GE’s ANSI/IEEE MV platform offerings, please click here
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