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GE’s Marcelo Valdes Receives Industry Award
Industrial Solutions

GE’s Marcelo Valdes Receives Industry Award for Contributions in Improving Electrical Safety

May 25, 2016
March 10, 2016 – The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) honored Marcelo Valdes, senior product analytics manager for GE’s Industrial Solutions business, for his innovations in addressing and improving workplace safety. Marcelo was awarded IEEE’s “2016 Electrical Safety Committee Excellence in Prevention-through-Design Technical Award” at the institute’s Electrical Safety Workshop (ESW) in Jacksonville, Fla.
“It’s always exciting be recognized by my IEEE peers, including competitors, users, consultants and other experts,” Mr. Valdes said. “I’m fortunate that my current role in application support and product development offers me many opportunities to bring attention to GE’s development of safety and system reliability solutions for the industry.”
This is the latest of many honors Marcelo has received in his decades with GE. Joining the company in 1977 as a field engineer, he has since held roles in sales, field application engineering and product management, where he works today. Marcelo spearheads GE’s initiatives related to the advancement of safety and selectivity-related engineering design solutions for industrial power systems. Today, many of the developments led by Marcelo over the years form part of GE’s ArcWatch* technology.
In addition, Marcelo has worked on or led several standards, promoting prevention-through-design as well as helping to develop several low voltage protection concepts that have led to GE patents. In fact, he has worked with GE technology teams and GE Research scientists to file almost 30 patent applications – 21 of which have been granted – for design solutions that improve selectivity or reduce exposure to electrical hazards and the subsequent risk of electrical injuries. Additionally, many of these patented technologies have been incorporated into GE’s advanced circuit breaker product lines. 
“I believe that some of my most important work has been on selectivity strategy for GE circuit breakers,” Mr. Valdes explained. “These and other design innovations have worked their way into various product lines, such as Entellisys*, EntelliGuard* trip units and the PremEon* trip units. All are vital to keeping workplace safety at the forefront of all we do; protecting electricians and equipment operators while helping GE develop better products.”
An active member of IEEE, Marcelo leads and participates in a number of standards-related efforts that have bolstered his and GE’s reputation in low-voltage protection and electrical safety. Other recent IEEE accolades for Marcelo include 2016 Prominent Lecturer, 2014-2015 Distinguished Lecturer, and 2014 IEEE IAS Magazine First Prize Article for Assessing Solutions to Electrical Hazards: an Analytical Tool to Reduce Hazards in Electrical Facilities. Currently, he remains focused on IEEE standards such as IEEE 1584 Guide to Arc Flash Calculations and IEEE 1814 Electrical System Design for Increased Safety as well as various new standards that are replacing the important IEEE color book series.
*Trademark of General Electric Company

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