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Say Hello to Seco – GE’s Expanded Medium-Voltage Solution Portfolio
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Say Hello to Seco – GE’s Expanded Medium-Voltage Solution Portfolio

November 10, 2016
GE Expands Its Medium-Voltage Offering with Launch of IEEE OEM ‘Circuit Breaker in a Box’, Retrofit Vacuum Circuit Breaker and Metal-Clad Switchgear
ATLANTA — Nov. 10, 2016 — GE (NYSE: GE) has more than 120 years of experience in developing medium-voltage (MV) equipment, dating back to 1895 when its engineers designed the world’s first oil circuit breaker. Today, GE launched its IEEE MV portfolio, adding to its already proven MV IEC solutions. Specifically, GE added three new solutions to its Seco MV product family – SecoBloc*, modules designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMS); SecoVac R*, a retrofit vacuum circuit breaker (VCB); and SecoGear*, metal-clad switchgear. 
“From original equipment manufacturing to retrofits and new infrastructure builds, we’re expanding our global MV portfolio and team to better serve customers in North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Pacific Asia,” explained Stephanie Mains, CEO of GE Energy Connections’ Industrial Solutions. “Our IEEE product line was designed with the operator in mind; focused on offering fully tested solutions with fewer parts for ease of installation and on-going maintenance.”
As part of its MV portfolio expansion, three new IEEE solutions are now available:
SecoBloc – OEM Vacuum Circuit Breaker in a Box
SecoBloc modules are designed to house GE’s IEEE-rated SecoVac VCBs and are ideally suited for OEMs serving industry-focused applications. Designed for easy, reliable use with features such as reduced weight, an integrated door and a front-accessible modular operating mechanism, it brings simpler and faster installation and reduced maintenance time to MV OEMs and their customers. Along SecoBloc, GE also offers additional OEM construction options as a L-frame or cell kit to be integrated into their design based on their level of need.
SecoVac R – IEEE Retrofit Vacuum Circuit Breaker
SecoVac is designed to easily replace VCBs in existing GE switchgear. SecoVac R is a streamlined solution to update legacy vacuum circuit breakers with smart design features such as simplified mechanism, bringing shorter maintenance times and simple installation to customers.
SecoGear – IEEE Metal-clad Switchgear
SecoGear is designed to distribute power from the substation to the electrical room for efficient facility operations in industrial and commercial applications. With features such as embedded poles, reduced weight and a front-accessible modular operating mechanism, SecoGear with SecoVac VCBs delivers simpler, faster installation and reduced maintenance time.
“Over the past century, GE has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing MV circuit breakers and equipment. We have a large, global MV equipment installed base of hundreds of thousands of MV vacuum circuit breakers,” explained Dick Jackman, low- and medium-voltage equipment product line leader, GE Energy Connections’ Industrial Solutions. “We’re excited to offer our customers these new MV products for enhanced safety, durability and modularity. We leveraged sophisticated technologies to optimize product design for manufacturing to reduce lead times and deliver products to customers.”
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