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Circuit Breakers - Medium Voltage
Industrial Solutions

Medium Voltage Power Circuit Breakers

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Medium Voltage Power Circuit Breakers
SecoVac R Retrofill Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Designed to easily replace vacuum circuit breakers in existing switchgear in systems up to 15kV maximum rated voltage.
SecoVac VB2+ Vacuum Circuit Breaker - GE Industrial Solutions
Rated for 5kV - 15kV applications, 1200A to 3000A and up to 40kA short circuit rating.
Power/Vac Vacuum Breakers
1200 to 4000A. The vacuum design remains superior to other arc interruption technologies by providing a smaller footprint and simpler design.
Power/Vac** Replacement Vacuum Breakers
1200 to 3000A. Provides an economical and efficient way for customers to upgrade existing GE Magne-Blast Type AM (Air Magnetic) vertical lift circuit breakers.

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