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From design through manufacture and delivery, ABB commits its considerable resources to giving our panelboard customers the products they need, when they need them.

Power & Lighting

EntellEon Low-Voltage Power Panel
A More Versatile Alternative to Traditional Power Panels.Simple. Responsive. Revolutionary.
A-Series II Panelboard
This panel's flexible design, ease of installation and competitive price make it the obvious choice for contractors and consultants. There are over 12,000 combinations; most...
A-Series II Pro-Stock Panelboard
Get almost any lighting panel you want - Right Now! Modular kits can be pulled from a distributor stock and assembled to form over 1500 different lighting panel...
A-Series II Branch Circuit Monitoring
An energy management product that lets users monitor key electrical parameters down to a branch circuit level. This information can then be transmitted to a BAS or similar...
A-Series II AMP1 Integrated Power & Energy Meter
The factory installed AMP1 meter is a completely integrated solution ideal for tenant billing and cost allocation.
ProLine Panelboards
The ProLine panelboards provide an innovative and high-performance approach to branch circuit protection. For those industries and service providers where reliability and 24/...
Spectra Series Power Panelboards
Offer plug-in and bolt-on style interiors for use in all Spectra Series* Power Panelboard applications.
Spectra* Series Integrated Submetering Panelboard
Suitable for either new construction or retrofit, the Spectra Series Integrated Submetering Panelboard combines the benefits of a multi-tenant digital meter with a reliable...

Generator Connection

GenTower* for Spectra Power Panelboards
Suitable for small to medium sized commercial spaces with services of 1200A or less that require critical power at all times. Allows for quick and easy connection to an...

Bypass Isolation

Bypass Isolation Panel
The GE Bypass Isolation Panel enables complete removal of power from your UPS system while maintaining active critical load bus.

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