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Panelboards - A-Series II
Industrial Solutions

Power & Lighting

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Power & Lighting
EntellEon Low-Voltage Power Panel
Introducing EntellEon*, the new low voltage power panel from GE. EntellEon offers a more versatile alternative to traditional power panels.
A-Series* II Panelboard
This panel's flexible design, ease of installation and competitive price make it the obvious choice for contractors and consultants. There are over 12,000 combinations; most...
A-Series* II Pro-Stock* Panelboard
Get almost any lighting panel you want - Right Now! Modular kits can be pulled from a distributor stock and assembled to form over 1500 different lighting panel...
A-Series* II Powerpanel
Allows users to install larger frame breakers as branch devices. This results in smaller and lighter panelboards that are ideal for commercial construction.
A-Series II Branch Circuit Monitoring
An energy management product that lets users monitor key electrical parameters down to a branch circuit level. This information can then be transmitted to a BAS or similar...
A-Series II Panelboard with AMP1 Meter
The factory installed AMP1 meter is a completely integrated solution ideal for tenant billing and cost allocation.
Spectra* Series Power Panelboards
Offer plug-in and bolt-on style interiors for use in all Spectra Series* Power Panelboard applications.
Spectra* Series Integrated Submetering Panelboard
Suitable for either new construction or retrofit, the Spectra Series Integrated Submetering Panelboard combines the benefits of a multi-tenant digital meter with a reliable...

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