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Starters - Solid State Reduced Voltage
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Solid State Reduced Voltage

Solid State Reduced Voltage
ASTAT CD+ and IBP+ Solid State Reduced Voltage
GE offers ASTAT CD+ and IBP+ solid state reduced voltage starters.
ASTAT BP Soft Starter
Delivers smooth, reliable performance for extended motor and component life for a range of standard AC motors from 8 Amps to 1100 Amps and from 208V to 600V.
ASTAT XT Enclosed Soft Starter Panels
A full range of enclosed solid state starters are available.
ASTAT XT Soft Starter
ASTAT XT Soft Starter delivers reliable performance and smooth acceleration for a range of standard AC motors, from 8A-1400A and from 230V-690V.

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