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Surge Protective Devices
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Surge Protective Devices

Surge Protective Devices - Commercial & Industrial

OVR Series - Surge protective devices
Designed to prevent electrical systems and equipment against transitory surges and impulses caused by lightning and operations on the electrical grid.
Tranquell* DIN Rail Mount Series
Type 2 surge protective device that is modular and easy to install. DIN Rail mount housing allows for quick installation.
TR Wallmount Series
Designed to handle the highest levels of surge activity found in the most demanding commercial and industrial facilities.
TR Panel Box Extension Series
The TR panel box extension SPD provides the benefits of a separate wall mounted unit, but using less horizontal wall space.
TT Series DIN Rail Mount
China GB standard recognized GB 18802.1-2002 that is modular and easy to install.
Tranquell* Series
Available in wall mount construction, as well as integrated within GE low voltage distribution equipment.
Information on Surge Protective Devices that are no longer in production.

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