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Switches & Disconnects

Switches & Disconnects

Safety Switches

Spec Setter General Duty
GE’s Type TG general duty safety switches are designed for residential and light commercial applications where duty is not severe.
Heavy Duty Safety Switch
GE’s Type TH heavy duty safety switches are designed for commercial and industrial applications where safety, high performance and continuity of service are essential.
Spec Setter* Mill Duty
GE’s mill duty safety switches are designed specifically for rugged conditions found in steel mills, cement foundries and process-related environments.
Spec-Setter Double Throw Safety Switches
GE's Type TC and TDT double-throw safety switches are designed for applications with two sources of power where safety, high performance and continuity of service are...
Spec Setter* Emergency Power Transfer Switch
GE’s Type TC emergency power transfer switches are designed to permit the connection of power from a standby generator or other emergency source of electricity.

Elevator Switches

Elevator Switch (aka Fusible Shunt Trip Switch)
Most commonly used for elevator shafts and machine rooms to remotely disconnect main power prior to the activation of a sprinkler system

AC Disconnects

GE Plastic AC-Disconnects TPN60R1CP and TPF30R
Versatile in application - use with air conditioners, water heaters etc.
Steel AC Disconnects
Fusible and Non-Fusible AC Disconnects allow you to easily and safely disconnect the power to your AC units as needed for maintenance.

Disconnect Switches

HPC*, New Generation, High Pressure Contact Fusible
Available in frame ratings of 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000A, both top and bottom feed, with IC ratings to 200kA with the appropriate UL Class L fuses.
Switch - QMW - QMR
30 - 600A. 240, 480, 600Vac, 250Vdc.
Switch - FD1 IEC Fusible
Configured for UL CC and J, and CSA fuses, they are available in 30A through 200A sizes.
Disconnect - IEC
The ML disconnects are UL508 manually operated horse power rated IEC disconnect switches available in 5 amperage frames from 25A through 125A.
Switch - IEC Non-Fusible
Non-fusible DILOS IEC disconnect switches are designed principally for use in group mounting configurations with other DIN-rail mounted devices, although they can also be...

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