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Transformers - Dry Type Vented

Dry Type Vented

Dry Type Vented
General Purpose Transformer
A reliable, energy-efficient design for general purpose lighting and electrical applications. Available in single-phase from 15-250kVA and three-phase from 15-1000kVA....
 K-Factor Transformer
K Factor rated for nonlinear loads. These type QL transformers have passed the UL K-factor testing program. (K=4, K=13, K=20 and K=30 transformers)
Low Noise Transformer
Our low noise transformers operate at reduced noise levels. The vibrations within the magnetic steel core have been greatly reduced, thus lowering the humming of the...
Guard I & II Noise Isolation Transformer
Guard I transformers provide common mode noise attenuation and transverse mode noise attenuation. Guard II adds an enhanced level of transverse mode noise attenuation for...
Guard III Harmonic Mitigating - Transformer
Guard III harmonic mitigating transformers help eliminate harmonic currents and minimize power quality problems.
Servicenter Integral Transformer and Distribution Panel
Single-phase 5-25kVA, Three-phase 15-30kVA. Brings together three quality products in one convenient, compact solution: transformer, distribution panel and circuit breakers.
Drive Isolation Transformer
A Drive Isolation Transformer (DIT) is designed to specifically handle the mechanical stresses, voltage distortions and harmonics associated with SCR applications.

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